What can Steam trading cards bring?

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The Steam trading card is a mechanism introduced by the Steam platform in the early days to increase user stickiness. Some games are put on the Steam platform, and the game's Steam trading card will be included, which players can obtain by playing the game. Not only can it increase the time players spend playing games, but it also increases the time players spend communicating on Steam.

Steam trading cards are generally obtained by playing games by themselves or obtained from the dropped Steam Level Booster package. Because every player has a chance to get drops and cannot get all the cards in a series, exchanges and transactions between users have become another way to get them.

Use Steam trading cards to earn XP

The biggest scenario for Steam trading card applications is to synthesize game badges. The game will have badges to represent the player's game level and ability. And it is something that players can only obtain through this method, which makes players have more sense of showing off.

In addition to the fixed game-related Steam item drops, the synthetic badge also has Steam XP. Players need XP for Steam Level Up. So this is also the best way for players to get free XP and then improve their Steam level. A badge can be synthesized 5 times, each time you can get 100XP.

Use Steam trading card to make money

Some players need cards on it, so you can sell the cards that other players need to make a profit. Secondly, some rarer cards can get good prices on the Steam market. For example, aluminum foil cards, which must be more expensive than ordinary cards, are one type.

Of course, what players need to pay attention to is to cherish the price of cards. Because they are rare, they are not necessarily popular and easy to sell. The probability of obtaining rare cards is generally not high. It's all related to the popularity of the game. Some rare cards of popular games are priced enough for players to buy a good new game, but there are few people in need.

It is also a common form to exchange Steam trading cards and some items for gems, and then use gems for the items and cards you want. Although only one Steam Level Booster package can be customized per day, many players do this. So players can also synthesize gems from Steam trading cards and then sell gems for profit.

Thereby also born the demand for Buy Steam Level Up.


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