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Will a Steam account be a wealth?

Will a Steam account be a wealth?

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Steam is currently the largest PC game store, and most importantly, there are many free games. Many game developers will choose to put their games on Steam. Acquire users from the traffic that already exists on Steam, so as to achieve revenue. The Steam account is also a must-have for many players, and some players spend a lot of time and energy and even Buy Steam Level Up to improve their accounts.

Steam's current daily active users average at 20 million. As the hottest game League of Legends, the highest number of game viewers is also tens of millions. Steam can be said to occupy most of the PC game market. And the viscosity of these users is not small. Of course, these are also because Steam has a good marketing mechanism.

There are thousands of free games on Steam, and almost all the types players need. Some popular free games can quickly attract players to use Steam. Then use intelligent algorithms to explore the player's preferences. According to the player's browsing, searching, and clicking, establish the player's preferences and recommend games of the same or related types. Most of the recommended games are games that require payment, and there are discounts.

Steam also launched a sharing feature at the right time, allowing players to buy and experience new games with confidence. The game inventory of the Steam account also has its value.

Followed by some Steam items. Because the Steam account can be used for Steam Level Up. Players can have badges, game emoticons, profile backgrounds, and Steam trading cards. These are all items that can be traded in the Steam market for USD. Even players can trade. At the same time, Steam also integrated these items and launched a point store. Players may need to purchase games to earn points, and then use the points to redeem items.

The second is the Steam community, which is a highly accurate community. Most players may be related to related games. If the player's Steam level is high, many friends can be added. These flows can also realize in-depth value realization. So I always think that the player with the top Steam level, his more than 200,000 US dollars spent well. He met his own interests, needs, honors, and gained fame, media attention, and even many Steam player subscriptions.


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